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Bird Hunting (Wingshooting):

About fourteen species of duck, two species of goose, ten species of partridge (francolin), two species of pheasant-sized birds (guineafowl), pigeons, doves and quail are available for hunting in South Africa.

Although Tumuga Hunting does not specialize in bird hunting, we offer it exclusively to our clients as part of a plains game trophy hunting trip.

A limited number of the following bird species are included in our daily rates for plains game trophy hunting:

Shotguns are available for hire at $10 per day and ammunition is charged at cost price.

Egyptian Geese Egyptian Geese Egyptian Geese Egyptian Geese
Egyptian Geese


Helmeted Guineafowl Swaison's Francolin Natal Francolin Pigeon
Helmeted Guineafowl Swainson's Francolin Natal Francolin Pigeon


The hunting of water birds is subject to a permit obtainable from Nature Conservation. The price of permits is available on request. During certain months shooting of water birds is prohibited during breeding seasons. Timing must be confirmed in advance.

Waterfowls offer a challenging hunting experience and are quite difficult to shoot. They always keep you on your toes!


Red Billed Teal Yellow Billed Duck Spur Winged Goose
Red Billed Teal Yellow Billed Duck Spur Winged Goose



Jim Miller Karl Albrecht
Jim Miller from Boise, Idaho with an Egyptian goose Karl Albrecht from South Jordan, Utah with some guinea fowl and Swainson's francolin.


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