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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hunting terrain and vegetation like?

The Limpopo Ranch offers over 10 000 acres of hunting terrain, covered with unspoiled woodlands and flat savannah, next to the Limpopo River opposite the famous Tuli Block in Botswana. The Mokopane Ranch offers 2 500 acres of small lush mountains and grasslands in the Central Limpopo Province. Both reserves receive summer rainfall.

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Mokopane Ranch winter and summer scenery
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Swartwater (Limpopo) Ranch winter and summer scenery


Who are the owners of the Reserves?

Tumuga Hunting Safaris is the owner of the land.

How long have you been offering hunting on this land?

Our first international hunting safari was offered in 1978.

What calibre of rifle is required?

Any .30 calibre is recommended. The most popular rifles are 300, 30-06 and 308 and ideal to use on both small and big plains game. Depending on the animals you would like to hunt, it is best to use a smaller calibre such as a 223 with solid point bullets for small animals like klipspringer, duiker and steenbuck. This will reduce damage to the animals' capes for mounting purposes.

What is the average range of a shot?

Between 80 - 120 yards.

Will all shots be clear shots?

No. Sometimes it will be required that you shoot through thin brush, therefore the bullet choice is very important.

At what range do I have to sight my rifle in?

100 yards

What ammunition do I require?

A minimum of 180 grains with a soft point is recommended for most plains game. Great success has been achieved with Nosler Partition bullets with a two-core design, which ensures reliable expansion and mushrooming while providing deep penetration at both short and long ranges. For smaller animals, such as klipspringer, duiker and steenbuck a harder point is recommended.

Is the area high game fenced?

Yes. All game ranches in South Africa are high game fenced.

Are there other crops or domestic livestock on the same land?

At our Limpopo Ranch we plant feed for the animals, other cash crops like pumpkin and tobacco, and to control ticks a few cattle roam our Mokopane Ranch.

How long do you travel between the Mokopane and Limpopo Ranches?

Approximately two hours.

How many guests can you accommodate per booking?

The Limpopo Ranch can accommodate six hunters with companions and the Mokopane Ranch can accommodate three hunters with companions.

Does more than one group of guests use the facilities at the same time?

We prefer to only accommodate one group at a time to keep your experience exclusive. At the Limpopo Ranch it may happen that there is another group on your arrival or departure day. During the majority of your hunting trip your party will be the only group on our premises.

Do other outfitters/PH's use your property?


Do you offer 'a meet and greet' service?

Yes. Our prices include pick-up and drop-off from O.R. Tambo Airport (previously known as Johannesburg International Airport). For the discerning client we offer guided side trips.

Is there a malaria risk in the area?

Yes. The risk is mainly in the summer months, but we are in a low risk area.

What tipping is customary for camp staff?

The calculation of tipping is completely at your own discretion. Most clients tip between $70,00 and $90,00 per staff member, depending on the length of stay. The staff normally includes one chef, two to three cleaning/laundry ladies, one driver, one skinner and one tracker. More than one hunter in a group will require more staff members.

What tipping is customary for a PH?

Once again, it is completely at your own discretion. Some clients tip their PH's based on the number of animals shot. Some clients prefer to offer a fixed tipping of between $400,00 and $800,00 and other prefer to tip at a percentage of their daily rates (normally between 5 - 10%).

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