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My wife Judy and I enjoyed our time at Tumuga Hunting very much. This was special for me, because I had been to Africa a few times over the years but never with Judy. I wanted her to feel all the excitement and see the exotic animals and scenery I have enjoyed so much. This trip was not just about hunting, but meeting great people, seeing a new and interesting place, and oh ya, HUNTING! Frikkie and Ilse and all the wonderful people who work for them at the Limpopo Lodge, made my hopes that Judy would have a great time come true. There are still a couple of animals that eluded us, but that's what hunting is about sometimes. The food was great, the accommodations very good, and the location marvelous, right on the Limpopo River. We were able to create lasting memories, of both sight and sound. We made good friends with all the workers in camp which was fun (these people worked very hard for us), and took several good animals. The hunting was good due in part to the astounding skills of our driver and tracker. (Frikkie was pretty great too!). The night time game drive and Springhare capture was worth staying up late for. Being quite remote, allowed for clear skies at night and quiet time to reflect, day and night. Things really got exciting when Judy, who had not planned to hunt any animals, ends up with the biggest Kudu any woman has ever shot at Tumuga, along with two other animals! It was a great trip.   Thank you.   
2013 – Paul & Judy Pedersen, West Jordan
Utah, USA

My trip to Africa was the most incredible experience of my life. The people at Tumuga Hunting were halped make the experience what it was. The ranch itself is beautiful and everyone treats you like family. They made our travel to the parks and through different countries an organized and carefree experience. I cannot wait to get back to South Africa and the wonderful people at Tumuga Hunting.

2013 – James Bane, Moab,
Utah, USA

Tumuga Hunting ..........What a great experience! The best Hunting trip ever! Great service and abundant Trophy game. Catered by reliable and professional hunters and staff. The accommodations are superior and stack- up to most Hunting Lodges in the US. Great food and a warm and friendly atmosphere that you can only find in a "Family own and operated Outfitter". I mean Kudu's !  to Frikkie, Ilse Smit and Loggie vd Heever and the Tumuga Team......Oh and yes check out my ......Kudu , Waterbuck , Gemsbok and Eland  Pics!!!!!! :)

2013 – Alexis & Vicky Martinez, Miami,
Florida, USA

May 2013 found me in the Atlanta airport meeting the Johnson Boys, Dick and Mike, from New Hampshire for the long flight from the US to Jburg.  We had a typical dinner on the plane, downed a couple of cocktails and settled in for the flight.  Next thing you know Frikkie was picking us up and treating us like family.  Despite the late arrival at Mokopane, Ilse had a great dinner waiting.  We met Leon the, PH that Frikkie had arranged to hunt with us and we all told lies and prepared for a good nights rest in the wonderful lodge.  Next morning we sited in the rifles, and went in separate truck for the first days hunting.  Although Limpopo might have more hunting opportunities, I absolutely love Mokopane.  The scenery, the granite outcrops the deep canyons, the open valleys, the Giraffe herds are all simply spectacular.  This was my third time hunting with Tumuga, and I felt no stress to shoot the first animals I saw.  We hiked and glassed, and had a herd of female Kudu run right between Frikkie, Charlie and me.  What a thrill!  We hunted 2 days at Mokopane taking several animals.  Mike even took a very long shot at a Baboon from the patio at the lodge during lunch.  Missed by an inch at over 600 yards.  We packed our things and drove to Limpopo to seriously hunt species that I had not taken before.  Along the river the hunting was especially good.  Mike sand Dick shot multiple animals including 2 Gemsbuck, one of which actually charged Dick before dying.  I took my first Waterbuck which turned into an adventure.  Wounded and dying it managed to make it to the river and swim across.  Leon, and Ilse arranged a pontoon boat to make the retrieval among crocs trying to beat us to the trophy.  What a thrill.  The two boys, Leon, Ilse, and I all had a great time finding, and towing the Waterbuck back to South Africa.  Frikkie had arranged a hunt for me on another concession for Sable.  Frikkie and I drove an hour and he and the ranch owner found a great Sable which we took.  I have lusted after a great Sable for years and now, thanks to Frikkie, that beautiful animal will hang in my trophy room in a place of honor.  Leon and I built a blind on a water hole and I essentially doubled with an old Wildebeest and a warthog.  Shot through the heart the warthog actually charged the blind and died at our feet after thrashing about and throwing blood all over Leon and me.  As usual, we spent our evenings around the fire eating wonderful African food and drinking, and telling lies about our adventures of the day.  As I said this is my third time hunting with Tumuga, and it simply gets better each time.  The hospitality shown by everyone associated with Tumuga is quite wonderful.  It has been great watching the boys grow up and become true Africans.  When we arrived both kids called me Uncle Gary.  Tumuga is not just hunting it is the entire experience.  I certainly have no hesitation in recommending these great folks to anyone thinking about going to South Africa.  You will have a great time.  I plan on going back.  There is still an Eland with my name on it walking around waiting for me to return.                                                                                                                                                     

2013 – Gary Banks, St George,
Utah, USA

Our family has hunted with Tumuga Safaris on two occasions, first in 2006 and again in 2012.

We have found the Africa experience with Tumuga to be truly incredible! The country is breathtaking. The hunting experience and the quality and handling of the trophies are first class. Their lodges and facilities are beautiful. Their staff is wonderful and provided us with first class service and accommodations. To sit at the lodge, overlooking the beautiful Limpopo River, and seeing hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks, bushbucks, warthogs, baboons, monkeys and numerous other African game and bird species while hearing the sounds of the African bush is an amazing experience!

Frikkie, Ilse and Andre paid attention to every detail to ensure that our experience was all that we hoped for and more. We must warn that Africa is addicting and you will not be able to simply visit one time!

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2012 – Karl and Jeri Albrecht, South Jordan,
Utah, USA

I just got back from the African plains game safari I took with my father. We’re still in something resembling shock trying to absorb the memories of everything we did and experienced.

We took 14 animals (11 species) and passed up many others. Trophies included Kudu, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Blesbuck, Zebra, Warthog, Baboon, Jackal. It was better than you can imagine. There will be some new record book entries once the official scores come in. We would have taken more animals but we needed an excuse to go back.

Tons of action, great food, super people, excellent accommodations! Tumuga is a first rate outfit. For those of you who haven’t been, the smart thing to do would be to go ahead and book your trip now. Don’t bother thinking about it any further, just book the trip.

Limpopo Accommodation Image
2012 – Michael Johnson, Campton,
New Hampshire, USA

I had the honor of experiencing my first South African hunt with Tumuga Hunting in May of 2011. There is not enough that I can say about the great time I had on my trip. From the time I met Frikkie at the airport, until the time he dropped me off for my return trip home I was treated like family. The quality of the trophy hunting was excellent. Accommodations and food exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to returning one day to visit and hunt again.

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2011 - Don Korzep, Boise, Idaho, USA

After meeting Frikke at the Salt Lake sportsman's show for several years and realizing that I wasn't getting any younger and retirement was coming up rapidly, I booked a ten day hunt with Tumuga Hunting in 2010 for the next year.

Frikkie's care to accommodate my wants on the animals that I wanted to take was outstanding, and appreciated. I know the statement "they treat you like family" is over used..but they do.
While I was there I met the Vd Heever and Smit families and was introduced to the Blue Bulls rugby at Andre's home. Food and drink was exceptional, I gained weight. To me the highlight of my hunt was to have Ilse and Frikkie's young sons join us on several of the hunts, I begin to think that they were good luck, having acquired two of my best animals with them. I have a great story about the Kudu.

I highly recommend getting your rifle permit through PHASA, my entry into South Africa was easy and pleasant.

2011 - Pat Lakin, Glasgow, Kentucky, USA 

In 2011, I attended the Sportsmans show in Boise. In 3 days I was scheduled to fly to S. Africa. The trip was on very short notice, but paid for. I didn’t have time to set up hunt arrangements, ship a weapon, and or put aside time and $$ to pursue the idea of a hunt in S. Africa. At the Sportsmans show I met Frikkie. We talked in detail about the hunt and arranged everything then and there, with no problems whatsoever. In S. Africa, the ease with which everything was put together by Tumuga Hunting continued with our arrival at the Mokopane lodge.

We were met By Ilse, and Loggie, (my PH) at the ranch where we were treated like royalty from the start.

The trip was originally to be my wife and her friend, and they had no intention of doing anything closely resembling hunting. By the end of the trip this was one of their favorite parts of the entire trip.

By lunch we had counted 10 different species of animals, and came within 25 yards of a herd of giraffes. The whole experience was truly amazing.

With very little time and money set aside for this, this family still went out of their way to make all accomodations world class. Even though we were to be their guests for less than 24 hours we were made to feel like a part of the family. I would, and do intend to go back again and would recommend this to anyone.

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2011 - Dave Heimer, Boise, Idaho, USA

I never thought our second trip with Tumuga could be better than our first, but it was. Our daughter Monica, seven months pregnant, came with us and had the time of her life. She was able to harvest three great animals and she said to me at the end of the hunting, “Dad, now I know why you love this so much.” I was also able to harvest several really exceptional animals, in particular a tremendous bushbuck and a magnificent Cape buffalo. The buffalo hunt was an unbelievable, unplanned experience that Frikkie and friends were able to put together for me. Hunting at Tumuga is real hunting. We worked hard for the trophies we took and there were several animals that I wanted to take that we just could not get. For me, this is what makes it so rewarding and fun. Our trip to Victoria Falls after the hunting was wonderful. Frikkie and Ilse were so much fun to be with. We were able to enjoy the falls at ground level and from a helicopter, take a sunset cruse on the Chobe River, walk with lions, and ride elephants. What more could you ask for. I am already planning our next trip for 2012.


2010 - Pat & Susan Teuscher, Bluffdale, Utah, USA


2010 - Monica Gardener, Riverton, Utah, USA

As former group tour guides in the Scuba Diving industry, we were looking forward to our first real "family" vacation. Tumuga exceeded our expectation! The teenage daughters, the non-hunting spouse and the hunter all felt like part of the Tumuga Family. The side trips were life changing! Petting Lions: Unimaginable! Riding Elephants: Wow! Kruger National Park: Extraordinary in size and beauty (Yep, we saw the Big Five and loved it all) And then there was the hunting! Wonderful, fun. It has been a long time since we had such big smiles (not to mention on the whole family at once!). Frikkie could point out anything and everything. We miss Charlie's laugh. How does Pete drive to those places? Does Ilse sleep? The food was great but the friendships and memories will last forever.

Thank you for letting us be part of your family. We look forward to our next trip.


2010 - Dave McDermott, Eagle, Idaho, USA

My wife Rhonda and I made our first trip to hunt in South Africa this year. We went hunting with Tumuga Hunting, they are a first class outfitter. They picked us up at the airport and delivered on ever thing they promised. The hunting was fun and we got most of the animals that we wanted, it is not a guaranteed hunt. The food and lodge are very nice, could not have asked for a better experience for our fist time hunting in South Africa. We got to see a lot of animals we did not hunt and the scenery was great. I highly recommend Tumuga Hunting, in fact my wife and I plan on going to hunting in South Africa in a couple of years and will go with Tumuga again.


2010 - Rhonda and Ira Bickford, Brigham City, Utah, USA

This was my second visit to Tumuga and I was not disappointed. I came back because of Ilse, Frikki, Andre, Frieda and the boys. It is very comfortable to stay at the Limpopo Lodge with them as they make you feel like part of the family. This time I brought my 15 year old son and he had a great time as well. I raised my expectations this trip and was only interested in shooting exceptional trophy animals. My previous trip the goal was representative samples. This time I wanted a trophy gemsbuck, and after three days I got a 39" trophy. Frikkie was frustrated with me because I was so single-minded that I passed up a fine blue wildebeast on day 2. He said "You should take what the bush offers." But I thought it would blow my Mojo if I took it. I'll get him next time. I also passed on a massive eland bull just minutes before I shot the gemsbuck. Guess my strategy worked. I also took a very nice bushbuck down along the river as a bonus. We spent the last couple days looking for a huge waterbuck but couldn't connect.

I generally don't like to go the same place hunting more than once, but I expect I will go to Tumuga again for a third trip when my step-son graduates college for his first hunt. I would like to see my South African friends again!


2010 - Kent Harris, Auburn, California, USA

I had longed to hunt in South Africa for many years, but couldn’t quite put it all together’ that was until I met the great folks from Tumuga. I was blessed to be able to travel to hunt with Tumuga originally in July 2009 with my brother. We each harvested six trophies and had the times of our lives. I was so impressed with the experience that I returned in May 2010 with my son for another safari. Once again, we were met with outstanding service and each obtained superb trophy animals. These hunts with Tumuga will always rank as some of highest points in my life as an outdoorsman and avid hunter. I certainly can recommend Tumuga Hunting without hesitation and certainly plan for yet a third visit with my life long friends at Tumuga. 


2010 - Tom & Matt Goodwin, USA

My wife and I had a lifetime dream of taking a Safari. We finally took the trip with Tumuga this past May. Having never been to South Africa we were apprehensive about what to expect. Frieda picked my wife and me up at the airport in Johannesburg and immediately we felt comfortable. The accommodations at both Mokopane and Limpopo were tremendous. The hunting was absolutely fantastic and of nine animals I took, five made the record books. This is the only vacation we have taken that came to an end and we were not ready to come home. After spending time with Andre, Frieda, Ilse, Frikkie, Niel & Hardus we felt like part of the family. My wife and I are planning a return trip next August with several of our friends. We highly recommend taking a safari with Tumuga, you will truly enjoy it.


2009 – Tom Sellin, Eagle, Idaho, USA

Our third visit to Tumuga was even more exciting than our first two in '06 and '07. As usual the food and lodging were terrific. It is so comforting to hunt and lodge around in a family setting. Far better than just a "strictly business" format for your day. We love it at Tumuga and our photos, trophies, and curios we take home each tell a memorable story. Thanks again to Ilse, Frikkie, Andre, Hardus and Niel, their entire staff, and little Lara the Jack Russel.


2009 – Fred & Debbie Schlichte, Oakland Park, Florida, USA


During my youth, our father would take my brother and I to the annual Wally Taber Show. It was a narrated slide show of safari hunting in Africa. All my life I figured that would be the closest I would ever come to a genuine experience of that type.
In early spring of 2009, my brother and I began discussing the possibilities of arranging just such a trip with Tumuga Hunting of South Africa. Reservations were made through Ilse Smit which was followed up with regular and good communication. Special interest was taken for special dietary requirements. Their directions for the temporary importation of a rifle were very clear which made it easy to work with the people at PHASA, (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa). Ilse and Louis met us at the Johannesburg Airport just as planned and drove us to the Mokopane Lodge for the first series of hunting days.
The Mokopane Lodge has a very comfortable arrangement. However, if you plan a safari during the South African winter, prepare yourself for some rather cool nights. We had a couple frosty mornings to wake up to! Daytime temperatures were comfortable, 60 to 70 deg F, but the air is VERY dry. Be sure to take some skin lotion. Thrinkie, the chef, prepared some excellent meals for us. Indeed, there was always a lot of great food.
The game was quite plentiful at the Mokopane ranch. I was impressed at the vastness of area we were able to cover using the open-rig Land Cruiser. Occasionally, we would get off the truck and hike on foot. Most terrain is flat, but the Mokopane ranch does have some steep mountainous landscape. And, EVERY plant has thorns!! Following a mechanical problem with my own rifle, Frikkie set me up with his own 300 Win Mag.
For the second half of our safari we operated from the Limpopo Lodge to the north. It was surprisingly warmer and we needed to apply sunscreen lotion during the day. Again, lots of game. To provide me with a PH, (Professional Hunter), for the entire 8 day safari, Frikkie Smit had to do some extra work to line up both Jacque and Anton. I appreciate this greatly as it allowed my brother and I the opportunity to hunt independently of each other. All of the drivers, trackers, and skinners were very skilled and worked together like a well-oiled machine.
Down to our last day of a very successful safari, I had bagged a Blesbuck, Zebra, 2 Impala’s, Duiker, and a Blue Wildebeest. My brother had bagged a Blesbuck, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Impala, and Blue Wildebeest. But, neither of us had bagged a kudu. Intent on providing us with a shot at a Kudu, Frikkie made special arrangements for us to hunt another area about 2 hours drive from the Limpopo ranch. Given this extra effort on his part, my brother and I both successfully bagged trophy kudus within minutes of each other!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Frikkie, for not only bringing together a fantastic safari experience, but also an awesome finale to an experience of a lifetime!
Tumuga’s long-time association with Safari Taxidermy enabled a smooth transfer of skulls, capes and skins for tanning and mounting. My next challenge will be deciding how to best display all my trophies. But what a fun challenge to have!


2009 – Tom & Paul Goodwin, USA

Took 10 animals – 3 being medal trophies, May 24, 2009 to June 3, 2009

My wife and I met Frikkie at the Sportsmans Expo in Salt Lake City in 2007. At the time, neither either of us had any desire to go to South Africa to hunt. However, after talking with Frikkie several times over the two days we toured the show, he convinced us to book our hunt for 2009, and we are extremely glad that we did!!! From the time we stepped off the airplane in Johannesburg, where Frikkie was waiting, to the time we were safely delivered back to the Johannesburg airport 12 days later, we were treated like royalty. Accommodations at both Limpopo and Mokopane ranches were excellent. The food was superb with always a variety of dishes. There was never a chance to be hungry. We were the only couple in the camp. The help on each ranch was friendly and very helpful. Laundry is well done every day.

As for the hunting, it couldn’t have been better. Whether riding in the safari vehicle or walking in search of the trophy animals, the experience was better than we could have ever imagined. We hunted for 12 days and my wife, having never hunted before, enjoyed every minute. Every day we saw numerous species of animals. My wife took hundreds of pictures while I shot 10 animals, three of which made the PHASA record book. Frikkie is an excellent PH, and he will do his best to find the trophy animals. There is numerous game on each ranch from big game animals to giraffe and zebra.

There was absolutely no boredom on this trip!!! One morning Frikkie took us souvenir shopping in Polokwane – my wife’s idea of “hunting”. Another day, Ilse took my wife on a tour of the Limpopo area where she saw an extremely large baobab tree, visited a school, and toured a very large crocodile farm, as well as just seeing the local culture. The day of our departure, Frikkie and Ilse made sure we left in plenty of time so my wife could again “hunt” in Mokopane!! When we booked our trip, Frikkie told us we would want to come back, and yes, we have already begun planning our return trip. Ilse was extremely helpful with all arrangements and proper documentation. Arriving as strangers and leaving as friends, this trip exceeded all of our expectations!! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about visiting Tumuga Hunting!!



2009 - Marci & Leroy Bartu, Pocatello, Utah, USA


My wife, and mother-in-law joined me on my hunt at Tumuga Hunting. The accommodations were excellent at both lodges that we visited at Mokopane, and Limpopo – Swartwater. I can’t say enough how great the food, staff and my PH were. The family atmosphere at Tumuga left us with the feeling of longing to return.

We got to see many side attractions, and had ample time to take many pictures. Ilse was very helpful in showing my wife many things that she will remember, and cherish. Frikkie ( my PH ) became a very good friend as well as an excellent teacher, guide, and hunter. I am still today amazed at the skill of Frikkie, and our tracker at how they see, and follow game !

The hunting was excellent also. There were so many species of animals to see, and watch that the time out on our hunts each day passed too quickly. The terrain was more hilly, and at times cool at Mokopane as related to the area around the Limpopo River country. We arrived and hunted in mid- May which was very enjoyable.
My animals taken were very nice. I am especially proud of the Waterbuck that is going to score very high in the record books. The Kudu, Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Impala, and Warthog all were of high caliber.

It was a sad day when we had to leave, because it was an experience we won’t ever forget. It would be very hard to find nicer, and experienced people that we found at Tumuga Hunting.


2009 – Gary & Darby Campbell, Madras, Oregon, USA



 2009 was our second experience hunting South Africa with Tumuga Hunting. It is difficult to express what a wonderful experience this is. Hunting is one thing, but hunting South Africa with such great friends as the Van Dan Heever family and the Smit family make this the complete package. Frikkie and Ilse and the two boys picked us up at the airport in Johannesburg after a long tiring flight, and from that moment on we were treated like we were more important than we really are. The quality of the trophies is outstanding, and the hunting is challenging as it should be. We made a nice shot on a very good Kudu, and Frikkie made the supreme effort to see that we took both a Nyala and a Tessebe. And we took a nice old Klipspringer which was one of the trophies that I most wanted. Frikkie is an outstanding PH and his knowledge of not only the game animals but everything in the African bush is most impressive. Frikkie always goes the extra mile to insure that the client has a great experience. Charlie and the other trackers, the drivers and the entire staff at both lodges are experienced, efficient, and a delight to be around. The accomodations, the food and the African ambiance are all wonderful and add to the overall trip. Being around the entire family makes you feel as if you are hunting with your uncle, and sitting around the fire in the evening talking over the events of the day with good food and good South African wine is one of the delights of the trip. The older that I get the more I realize that it is not just getting the trophy animal, but it really is the experience that makes a hunt memorable. Hunting with Tumuga Hunting has given us the chance to make true good friends, experience world class hunting, and learning a different culture in a far off land. If you have ever dreamed of hunting in Africa I have no hesitation in recommending Tumuga Hunting. You will have a wonderful time, hunt with a great PH for high quality animals, and your dreams will turn into memories that will last a lifetime. The experience will change you in a positive way forever.


2009 - Gary & Alison Banks, St. George, Utah, USA



 "My husband and I planned this trip for two years. It was like WOW we are going to South Africa, and we did in July of 2008. We arrived at the airport in Johannesburg South Africa and were greeted very warmly by our host and guide Frikkie Smit."

"The Tumuga family treated us like we were family. They took care of all our needs if there were any. We never starved. The food was great. The lodging wonderful. You can hear the hippos at night talking during our stay at the Limpopo Ranch. As for the hunting, it was superb. The trophy quality was just plain awesome. Of the ten animals we shot, five of the animals made the PHASA and SCI record books. Both my husband and I shot five animals each. We hunted for eight days and it was the best time of my life...."

"It was our best vacation we ever planned. This hunt I won't forget. If we were not hunting, I was taking pictures, a lot of pictures. Make sure you bring plenty of film as you are going to need it all. You take lots of pictures of the hunt and your whole vacation. All the help on the ranches were great. They helped out with the hunt and were warm and friendly. Our hosts took great care of us when we arrive and saw to it that we departed safely. We arrived as strangers and departed as great friends. We are planning our next trip to South Africa in the near future."

2008 - Michael & Debby Barden, Redmond, Oregon


"My wife Susan and I have recently returned from an absolutely magical experience in South Africa thanks to our wonderful friends at Tumuga Hunting. At Tumuga they take their trophy hunting very seriously but they make it incredibly fun and enjoyable. Based on my experience and that of many of my friends this is a combination that is hard to find. Tumuga manages their resources to produce truly trophy animals."

"The food, accommodations and service were world class. Ilse, Frikkie, Frieda, Andre and the rest of the staff literally did everything they could to make our stay with them the best that it could be. We became part of their family during our time there. Our side trip to Kruger National Park with Frieda was truly awesome. The strongest testimonial that I can give is to say that Susan and I are already planning our return trip."

2008 - Pat & Susan Teuscher, Bluffdale, Utah


"I had always wanted to go to Africa to go hunting since I started reading about it when I was a teenager. At the Boise Sportsman Show in 2006 I was able to talk to Tumuga Hunting about hunting in South Africa and at the after show social, I booked a hunt for 2008. This gave me just over 2 years to save money for my dream hunt. We had a great time once we got to Africa, my wife who doesn't hunt, really enjoyed going out with us looking for game and taking pictures of all the wild life."

"I really enjoyed the hunting of the African game animals and have a new respect for the game that I hunted, they proved very challenging to hunt. My PH Frikkie and Tracker Charlie were great to have with me on the hunt and they really knew what they were doing, and made my dream hunt of hunting in Africa come true. Everyone at Tumuga Hunting were great to be with we enjoyed very good food. They took good care of us and we really enjoyed our stay. The side trips we went on were great. I never realized how much I would like Africa. Thank You for the great time."

2008 - Terry & Shiela Hubler, Caldwell, Idaho


"I thank you for making my lifelong dream of hunting in Africa a reality. From the moment I stepped off the plane I never felt like a client but a friend and like family by the time I left. As I write this letter my mind drifts back to the bush veld where my fantasies became real and the memories of that hunt will last a life time."

"Your operation is truly first class from the accommodations, the meals, and quality of the animals I was never disappointed. I give my highest recommendation to your excellent organization and will continue to do so."

2006 - Dean Brown, Florida


"Our adventure in South Africa was truly an experience of a lifetime! We spent one week hunting and another 5 days touring Kruger National Park with Andre van den Heever of Tumuga Hunting. The phrase "Wow, look at that!!" was repeated with regularity, as we were continually amazed by the diverse plant and animal life which is starkly different from our native environment."

"As guests at Tumuga's Swartwater accommodations along the Limpopo River, we were treated like family and enjoyed unforgettable hunting adventures, delicious meals, beautiful scenery, and good company and conversation around the fire each evening. The van den Heever family and staff worked very hard to ensure that we got our trophy animals as well as to see that our every need and comfort was met. It was a great trip for the hunter and also for a non- hunting companion. We highly recommend Tumuga."

2007 - Don & Cindy Kahre, Middleton, Idaho


"As a two-time visitor-hunter to Tumuga I can testify that Tumuga Safaris may possibly, and I emphasize POSSIBLY, be matched in quality of hunts, but they certainly will NOT be surpassed. Their trophies are excellent. The food is delectable. The accommodations are superb. But it is the friends that you meet and keep that makes one beckon for a second visit. The Van den Heever and Smit families along with Tumuga Safaris are so dear to us that we are visiting again in 2009 for our third visit in just four years. We cannot say enough about Tumuga."

2006 & 2007 - Fred and Deb Schlichte, Oakland Park, Florida


"It was a chance meeting to have the opportunity to chat with the folks at the Tumuga booth while attending the Salt Lake Sportsmen Expo in March of 06. I was a first time "wannabe" African hunter. Once I learned Tumuga was a family run multi generational owned company I put up my deposit for an April 2007 safari. I must say the entire experience was much better than I expected. The accommodations were excellent along with the very professional staff that put forth a superb effort to make our stay relaxing and pleasurable. The food was beyond great with multiple choices at meal times. The menu was varied at each meal with no repetition in the 12-day stay. This was all done for us as we were the only couple in the camp. Talk about feeling spoiled and pampered. Tina thoroughly enjoyed her stay as well. She enjoyed being able to accompany the hunting party or not at her convenience."

"Every day the hunting experience was thrilling with the sighting of numerous species. Andre and Frikkie are both energetic very well qualified PH's as they guided me in the taking of my 13 trophy animals. I was happy to find that we soon became friends as there were no strangers there, only friends they had not met. The game encountered was numerous and challenging."

"Tumuga safaris offer fully accompanied personalized side trips that one must take the time to experience. Their knowledge of the out of the way places one may not get to see and experience with a large tour group comes with being full time residents of the area. Tina and I spent nearly two weeks on two side trips that were truly wonderful experiences. Because of my experience with Tumuga I have been bitten by the African bug. I must return again and will. So, I left a deposit for 2008."

2007 - Tom and Tina Zimmerman, Northpole, Alaska


"My wife, in-laws, and I enjoyed our hunt with Tumuga. We were very impressed with the beautiful lodging and outstanding food and company. The quality of the game animals was very good and we had a true Africa experience. In addition to the hunting, my wife and I also enjoyed photographing the many species of mammals, reptiles, and birds we encountered everywhere we went. This is exceptional game country and a fantastic experience for those who love wildlife and the outdoors."

2006 - Karl & Geri Albrecht, South Jordan, Utah


"Hunting with Tumuga is PURE PLEASURE!! I have taken the opportunity to hunt with Tumuga on two separate occasions (2004 and 2006), and on each of these visits I have departed with feelings of "I really don't want to go". They have been great experiences - high numbers of quality animals, hunting professionals who know their stuff, well-trained staff, accommodations in idyllic settings, and always plenty of good, hearty food. It has always seemed to me that Tumuga has a goal of making your visit a truly memorable experience - and they do everything in their power to ensure this. Probably the best that I can offer in the way of a recommendation is to say "I'm going back again (in 2008)."

2004 & 2006 - Jim Miller, Boise, Idaho


"Took 10 out of 11 animals, 2- making the book."

"This was the first overseas adventure my wife and I have had. I scheduled a 10-day hunt with Tumuga Hunting of South Africa during the March 2006 Sports Show in Boise, Idaho. From the time I booked my hunt with Ilse Smit, Marketing and Reservations, during the entire duration of the hunt, staff of Tumuga Hunting was very helpful, professional and courteous. Ilse was especially helpful as we prepared proper documentation for the trip and booked travel arrangements."

"The actual hunt was everything I had dreamed it would be. We stayed at their lodge near Mokopane, which was very comfortable. It has all of the amenities to create a very relaxed and special retreat while hunting. Game was plentiful and hunting was a mixture of cruising maintained roads in an open vehicle to hiking up moderately steep hills."

"Their lodge along the famed Limpopo River was very modern and beautiful. My wife especially enjoyed the sights and sounds of the 300-different species of bird life, crocodiles, and river walks. Game was also plentiful and hunting was done in an open safari rig, as well as tracking game through thorny brush."

"Food at both lodges was gourmet quality. Our food restrictions were taken into account during planning daily meals."

"My wife and I both agree that we will go back again in the near future to hunt several other species of game. We will also book one of Tumuga Hunting's guided trips through Victoria Falls and Kruger National Park."

"Tumuga Hunting of South Africa is a top-notch family-run safari and guided tour business. By the time we left we felt that we had made some very special life-long friends."

"Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions about Tumuga Hunting."

2007 - Val & Kathy Hansen, Nyssa, Oregon


"In August of 2006 I went on the hunt of a lifetime with Tumuga Hunting in South Africa. Accompanying me were my two sons, my wife, and a travelling companion. Upon arrival at Johannesburg we were met at the airport by Frikkie and Ilse Smit who assisted us with clearing customs, and then took us for a stop at Safari Taxidermy to learn about the various mounting options after which they drove us to the ranch at Mokopane, where we quickly got settled in our private bungalow."

"The next day they gave us a tour of the area. Upon arrival at the Limpopo Ranch, Andre offered to take my son hunting as he did not have a client on the ranch at that time. I was most impressed by his offer to take my son hunting one-on-one, in spite of the fact that our package was for two-on-one hunting. In the following fantastic seven days of hunting we shot four impala, four warthog, two Blesbok, two Red Hartebeast, one Waterbuck, one Springbok, one Zebra, one Kudu, one Bushbuck, one Blue Wildebeest and one Duiker."

"Ilse and her mother kept my oldest son, my wife, and our travelling companion busy with short side trips to local places of interest, and were responsive to what activities interested them. They were also content to relax at the lodge, watching animals that approached, including a morning filled with watching hippos in the river at the Limpopo Ranch."

"After our hunt Frikkie and Ilse drove our group to the famous Victoria Falls, passing through Botswana. This is a trip that I would highly recommend; although long, the ride is the best way to experience the landscape and develop a feeling for the country."

"The attention to detail and service provided by Tumuga Hunting during our entire trip were incomparable. If you are considering a trip to Africa I would highly recommend Tumuga Hunting to make the most out of your experience."

"PS If you would like to contact me at the email address above I would enjoy talking to you about Africa and Tumuga."

2006 - Harry C. Daisey, Seaford, Delaware


"Tumuga exceeded our expectations in every way. The hospitality, facilities, and overall experience were simply amazing. It was our first trip to Africa, but after our incredible hunt, we can confidently say that it will not be our last. We whole-heartily recommend Tumuga to anyone considering a trip to South Africa."

2007 - Randall, Patrick & Stephen White, Meridian, Idaho


"We booked our first African safari with Tumuga in the summer of 05. Since then, I have been back twice to other areas on safari. The Tumuga hunt is the most memorable experience that I've had of the three hunts, for a number of reasons: the amount of animals and their quality, the camaraderie with the PH's, the accommodations, the river trip and bar-b-que, the night out on the plains listening to African music under a full moon, and did I mention the food? Our hunt was everything we had hoped it would be and even more. We will never forget our time spent on the Limpopo and with Tumuga Safaris. What a great place to be if you want a great variety of plains game."

2005 - Gary Asin, Boise, Idaho


"My wife Robin and I decided we wanted to go to South Africa on Safari for our Honeymoon. My Taxidermist had recently gone, and recommended Tumuga. We were interested in a trip consisting of 1/2 hunting and 1/2 sightseeing. Tumuga gave us just what we wanted. First, 5 days of hunting at their two ranches resulted in a fine Kudu, a Zebra, Warthog, and an Impala. We saw lots of game. We tried for all 5 days to get a Gemsbok and saw several, but just couldn't close the deal. That fact lets you know that it's a "real" hunt, not like shooting fish in a barrel. The food and accommodations were unusual and excellent."

"I should add that Frikkie and his staff were excellent in all respects in driving, spotting, tracking, recovering, and caring for the game after it's shot. Frikkie told me I only had to do two things---"be quick and be accurate" That's not asking all that much now, is it? Frikkie, Ilse, Andre, Hardus and Niel treated us like family---It was truly an awesome experience for us. We also learned of a peculiar Boer sport called "Kak Spitting". I won! (They probably let me!) I'll let Ilse tell you about it if you are curious. Suffice to say, that story gets the most raised eyebrows from folks around here."

"Then came the four days at Kruger National park with "The Ladies". WOW. Frieda (Ilse's Mom, and the "Big Boss") and her friend Elsie were tremendous--a couple of fun loving free spirits who also really know their spoor---(Kak) in fact, driving down the road in Kruger, Elsie can tell you everything that's been by---- by track or by Kak. In fact---she's the "Queen of Kak". So take that! They also know how to lure Baboons and Hyenas, and when to run from Elephants. These are very helpful skills in Kruger, as we came to learn. I shouldn't forget to mention that Frieda can get the truck into optimum position for Leopard viewing, no matter who was there first! Thanks Frieda! We really loved our time with the Ladies-- they are also great cooks and conversationalists."

"I could say a lot more, but if you want a great time---book with Tumuga. Anyone is free to email us for more details."

2007 - Kent & Robin Harris, Auburn, California


"My name is Victor Overton and in early 2005 I had the good fortune of meeting Andre and Frikkie at our local sportsman show in Boise, they were able to show me how reasonable it would be to hunt Africa and fulfil one of my greatest dreams. From the moment I arrived to the day I left it was almost a surreal experience, from the birds to the landscape to seeing the stars over Africa and the friends that I made, from the trackers ,cooks and of course the whole family, the P.H.'s, Mom , Ilse and the kids."

'And then there is the hunting from the moment you start the day to the end you get to see all kinds of game and you never know what a bend in the road or trail will bring so your adrenalin never really gets to rest, and the knowledge of your P.H. and trackers is unbelievable and they work very hard to find you the animals and quality you are looking for, they share in your success as well as the disappointment when the game gives you the slip. You will go to Africa for the hunting but will come home with much more than just your trophies, you will have friends and memories for life, if your thinking of going my advice is to do it you never know what tomorrow will bring and beware they say once you get the dirt of Africa on your shoes you cannot get it off and I found this to be true."

"This by far was one of greatest experiences I have ever had and I won't even begin to tell you how good the food was as that you would take forever. Hope this gives you some insight at what a great time I had and good luck hunting and in Life."

2005 - Victor Overton, Boise, Idaho


"2007 was a wonderful year, and a big part of the year was a trip to South Africa to hunt with Tumuga Hunting and to take some wonderful side trips. This was our first time hunting in Africa, and I did a lot of research trying to find the best outfitter that I could. Tumuga Hunting lived up to my wildest expectations. Even before the trip Frikkie, Ilse and Andre took a personal interest in making this trip one to remember. Ilse spent a lot of time before the trip providing information and details that added greatly to the experience. I even met the entire group in Salt Lake City in March just to make sure everything was in order. Believe me it was."

"From the time Frikkie met us at the airport until Andre dropped us off 3 weeks later the entire trip was well organized and we were taken care of much better than we probably deserved. The food was great, the scenery was spectacular, the hospitality was first class, and the hunting was much better than I expected. Tumuga Hunting is like hunting with family. The only problem that we experienced was poor shooting on my part. But for an Africa "first timer" we did well. I was just so excited to be actually hunting in Africa after dreaming of this trip for my entire life that the excitement turned into buck fever. Having confessed to buck fever, my son and I have 10 species at the taxidermist. We are going back to Africa in 2009, and we will be hunting with Tumuga Hunting."


2007 - Gary & Alison Banks, St George, Utah


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