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Importation and Firearms:

We recommend a scope-sighted rifle around .30 calibre. A limited number of firearms are available for rental at $25 per day and ammunition is available at cost price.

At least 180-grain ammo is required and preferably soft point! Great sucesses is achieved with "Nosler Partition" bullets that ensure reliable expansion and mushrooming while providing deep penetration at both short and long ranges.

It is highly recommended that you make use of PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa) to obtain your rifle importation permit before your arrival in South Africa at a cost of $140. It does require some paperwork on your part, but it is worth the time and cost. A representative of the company will meet you and have your permit ready at the SAP offices at the airport in South Africa.

Firearm/Ammunition Allowances and Specifications - USA:

To facilitate taking your firearms back to the USA, you need to register with them with a US Customs Office. Offices are usually located at all major cities. To locate the nearest office, visit the US Customs website at  Failing to do so and attempting to take those guns back into the USA can result in felony charges of trafficking in "implements of war". It is necessary to take your firearms to this office so that an officer can confirm the model and serial number. This is a lifetime form that may be used on future trips as well.

As an international traveller, you should be aware of the rules for bringing items back from your trip. You can view the US Customs "Know Before you Go" Regulations for US Residents at their website at

The maximum number of guns that can be legally exported from the USA without a serial permit is three (3) per person. Firearms should always be transported, unloaded and locked in a heavy plastic or metal case. Ammunition should be packed inside of a locking hard case and placed inside your checked luggage. Only full cartridges of ammunition are allowed to be exported.

If you are an NRA member you normally have some protection for your firearms being transported. You can also check with your homeowner's insurance to see if your policy covers the loss of firearms.

Firearm/Ammunition Allowances and Specifications - South Africa:

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General Provisions of Firearm Specifications:


Importation of Firearms:

A temporary import permit of a firearm can be obtained in two ways: before your arrival in South Africa through PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa), or upon arrival in South Africa.

Obtaining Permits from PHASA In Advance:

It is highly recommended that you make use of this service by PHASA to obtain your permit in advance. This option will save you time and lots of frustration, as your permit will be ready upon arrival.

This service rendered by PHASA allows you to apply for your Temporary Import Permit before your arrival in South Africa at a cost of $140 per application (including government VAT) through the Central Firearms Register. Payment can be made by Credit Card, cash or cheque.

PHASA recommends that, where possible, the actual Temporary Import Permits be obtained prior to your arrival. When you make use of PHASA's service and your application(s) are successful, a PHASA representative will meet with you and your Temporary Importation Permits will be available for collection at the SAPS Office on arrival at O.R. Tambo International (previously known as Johannesburg International Airport).

Should you require PHASA to obtain the temporary import permit prior to your arrival, please send the following certified/notarized documentation directly to PHASA by registered mail/courier to reach them at least 40 days prior to your arrival in the RSA. Please note that the following documents must be couriered or posted to PHASA, as no fax or email copies will be accepted.

For postal services ,send your application to: PHASA, P.O. Box 10264, Centurion 0046, South Africa

For courier services, send your application to: PHASA, 71 Lobelia Lane, Irene 0157, South Africa

PHASA's contact details: Tel: +27 (12) 667 2048 | Fax: +27 (12) 667 2049 |

Important information:

The following firearms and ammunition will not be allowed to enter South Africa:

Reasons why your application will not be approved:

Should a firearm not be declared and a Temporary Import Permit not issued, and you proceed through customs without declaring a firearm, you will face severe penalties and possible arrest on departure from South Africa. Also, please ensure that your firearms arrive on the same flight as you do. This must be done with the airline company on departure. Your firearm/s may only be signed for by you and will not be released to your outfitter or professional hunter should it arrive on a separate flight. In this case, the firearm/s will be held by the SAPS until you claim ownership in person.

The temporary import permit serves as your firearm license in South Africa and enables you to buy ammunition in South Africa for the calibres noted on the permit. At all times while you are in possession of your firearms, you must have the temporary import permit on your person. When you are not using the firearms, it must be locked in a safe.

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Obtaining Your License Yourself:

The following documentation along with a completed, but not signed, SAP 520 form must be presented upon arrival in South Africa:

SAPS 520 Gun Import/Export Permit Application Form

Instructions for completing SAP 520 Form

If you are unsure on how to complete this document, you can leave it blank and complete it with the police officer at the airport. This document will also be supplied to you at the airport in case errors are made to it.

Procedure Upon arrival at O.R. Tambo Airport:

Should a firearm not be declared and a temporary import permit not issued, and you proceed through customs without declaring a firearm, you will face severe penalties and possible arrest on departure from South Africa

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